Chapter 22: Mechanisms of Evolution

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Kamini Persaud

Sanchika K March 31 2011 Biology II Chapter 22: Mechanisms of Evolution Controversial book by Thomas Malthus The human population grows exponentially, we should over populate the planet but we dont why. o Famine or disease are all things that are natural that are necessary to keep the human population in tact Certain individuals have to die otherwise there will be over population If individuals die who would they be o There has to be variation in population Variation in a population Adaptation o Some individuals are better suited to their environment than others Definition Natural selection o Is the whole process in which some individuals are more better than others o The mechanism in which evolution occurs What facts form the base of our understanding of evolution? For a characteristic to evolve the variation must be heritable Genotype- the genetic makeup of an organism
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