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Chapter 14

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Biological Sciences
Dan Riggs

Chapter 14Cellular Reproduction 143 MitosisMeiosis Greekreduction Formation of production of haploid phase in life cycle fertilization ensures diploid phaseDiploid G cells contain pairs of homologous xsome each 2containing 2 xtidsDuring meiosis 4 xtids of a pair of replicated homologous xsomes are distributed among 4 daughter nucleiincorporates 2 division wI intervening round of DNA replication st In 1 meiotic division each xsome2 chromatids are separated from homologueeach daughter cell has 1 member of each pair of csomesxsomes are paired during prophase of I meiotic division xtids engage in genetic recombinationmetaphase I nd In 2 meiotic division 2 xtids of each xsome are separated from 1 another anaphase IIMarked differences bw stage wI life cycle 1 Gametic or terminal meiosis Includes all multicellular animals and many protistsmeiotic division closely linked to formation of gametes ie male vertebratemeiosis occurs just prior to differentiation of sperm
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