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Biological Sciences
Zachariah Campbell

CLA201- Daniel J. Thornton [email protected] Office hours: Monday 8-9, Thursday 10-11 647-688-1350 - Textbook: Ayers - Prefixes & suffixes must be memorized - tests, etymology assignment, proposal, final exam - Tests 4 tests worth 30% of total grade (LOWEST WILL BE DROPPED) cumulative in nature - Participation: attend all lectures: quizzes count toward participation AT RANDOM ask questions by e-mail / class - Etymology assignment looking at scientific paper in your field, choose certain words & use the methodology of this course to understand the paper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tonight’s assignment: Begin looking at Ayers, Lesson 1 Familiarize yourself with Greek prefixes Lesson 1 - Greek & Latin belong to the same “language” family - All languages appear as part of language families or language trees - Language tree: assumes that there is a common root language: Indo-European (pertaining to India and Europe) – dated to 13000 BCE - Somewhere North of the Black Sea & West of Caspian Sea, a group of people began to move out. This movement of people went into two basic directions: Far West (Eur
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