BIOC19 Notes on Oogenesis

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Ian Brown

Oogenesis Comparison Time span differencesSpermatogenesis Four haploid sperm cellseach able to potentially fertilize an egg Produced by meiosis from each diploid stem cell triggered into sperm cell differentiation OogenesisOne large haploid egg receiving bulk of cytoplasm and 3 small haploid polar bodies Produced by meiosis from each diploid stem cell triggered into oogenesis Interrelated Ovary Functions 1Oogenesisproduction of haploid female gametes 2Production of steroid hormoneestrogen and progesterone Steroid hormonesestrogen and progesterone Estrogenpromotes growth and maturation of internal and external sex organs Responsible for female characteristics that develop at puberty Progesteroneprepares uterus for pregnancy Maintains pregnancydecrease mothers immune response to enable gestation decreases contractibility of uterus muscle inhibits lactation Drop in progesterone during pregnancy may be involved in inducing labor Oogenesis begins during fetal development In ovary mitotic division massively increase number of oogonia egg germ cellsMeiosis initiated1112 weeks of gestation in humans Prophase I meiosishomologous chromosomes undergo pairing and exchange genetic material via recombination cells referred to as primary oocytesPrimordial follicles primary oocytes surrounded by somatic pregranulosa cellsPrimordial follicles are quiescent for yeast until puberty then recruited monthly to undergo growth process Ovarian follicle provides microenvironment for developing oocyte
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