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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Marc Cadotte

The Craze occur in diffuse crowds and other forms of collective behavior which occur in compact crowdsE A Ross a pioneer theorist on collective behavior has included under the heading of craze early Christianity the crusades prophecies of world destruction the prohibition movement and financial stampedesBogardus discusses panic under the headings of manias and crazesTo add to this confusion the literature yields no consistent difference between the terms boom and bubble though the latter suggests the giddier aspects of speculative movements We define the craze as mobilization for action based on a positive wishfulfillment belief So defined the term encompasses many institutional spheres of society eg economic political religious It refers to behavior ranging from the most superficial eg teenage fads in jewelry to the most serious eg the nomination of a presidential candidate It refers to behavior which occurs in groups in close physical proximity eg in the stock exchange or on the floor of a po
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