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Biological Sciences
Rudy Boonstra

Chap 51 Recent climate change 1649 Renaissance is an important year middle of little ice age before this year all climate info was from proxies After we use direct meteorological measurement Central England Temperature Records CET is first climate record Nothing warmer than 1730s and nothing cooler than 1690s Glacials last 100k years interglacials last 10k years Waalian interglacial 425k years ago was most similar to the current Holocene interglacial Without global warming there should be overall cooling of the world for the next 25k years until the next glacial happens Because of humans adding so much CO2 our interglacial may be extended up to 100k years Holocene represents period of warmth and stable climate past 10k years though not static climate Recently there was a second medieval warming event and little ice age cooling event Shows that lots of factors effect climate either natural or anthropogenic not just greenhouse gases El nino southern oscillation ENSO or El nino years current that flows from Ecuador to Peru from January to March and destroys local fishing season thAnother one is Antarctic oscillation called Southern Annular Mode Late 20 century has stseen extreme warming for a period of 1000 years 21 century might see temperatures not seen since last interglacial 140k years ago may be e
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