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University of Toronto Scarborough
Jamie Donaldson

CHAPTER 14 CHEMICAL EQUILIBRIUMno units for K141 Fetal Hemoglobin and EquilibriumEquilibrium constant K describes s of reactantsproducts in a rxn at equilibrium o Indicates how far a rxn proceeds o Larger value lies far to the right higherof products o Lower value lies far to the left higherof reactantsAny system at equilibrium responds to changes in ways that maintain equilibriumIf reactants or products change reaction shifts to counteract that change o ie hemoglobin oxygen systemif blood passes lungs where there is plenty of O2 rxn shifts to right so hemoglobin binds to O2if blood passes musclesorgans that use up O2 and so O2 is low rxn shifts leftreleases O2fetus has fetal hemoglobin which is different than adult hemoglobin bc it has a larger K constantloads O2 at a lower although mothers blood never flows into fetus body nor does fetus breathe airfetalmaternal blood very close in placentamaternal hemoglobin releases oxygen which fetal hemoglobin bindscarries into own circulatory system142 The Concept of Dynamic Equilibriumreaction rates generally increase with increasingof reactants unless rxn order is 0 reversible rxns rxn that can proceed in forwardreverse directions o reactants react to form productseventually reactantsdecreasedecreasing rate of forward rxn of products increases and so reverse rxn begins to occur at faster ratedyn
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