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Dubliners Summary

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Garry Leonard

Dubliners The Sisters (Nannie and Eliza) • Thinking Flynn may die; had 3 strokes • Two candles represented death • He repeated paralysis, simony and gnomon ○ Words he learned from Father Flynn • Old Cotter thought the Father was a queer ○ Tells the boy Father Flynn died while the boy was eating at the dinner table ○ The priest had great hopes on the boy • The uncle and Old Cotter prefer the boy to play with others similar to his age ○ Hanging out with Father Flynn may give the boy influence ○ "Because their mind are so impressionable. When children see things like that, you know, it has an effect...." • The boy went to the to the little house on Great Britain Street ○ He saw a card and read it (similar to a tombstone) ○ He would always give the priest some tobacco • The boy dreams of Father Flynn confessing to him ○ He was smiling to him in the dream  He felt uncomfortable around him, but got used to it ○ It died of paralysis • Remembered that Father Flynn had taught him many things about Mass and the history of Rome • Visited the coffin with his aunt ○ Flynn looked peaceful and resigned • Flynn broke a chalice with nothing in it (ie. Not blessed) ○ Eliza said it was the boys fault ○ They found Flynn in a confession box laughing to himself ○ He now has an idle chest on his breast in the coffin • Aunt could not speak and boy could not eat when they were in the room with Eliza ○ Paralysis theme An Encounter • Joe Dillon ○ His younger brother is Leo ○ The two and the narrator would always act out the Indian Battles • Leo Dillon was discovered by Father butler ○ He had a copy of The Halfpenny Marvel ○ The Father was teaching them the history of Rome ○ He was scolded • The narrator, Leo and Mahony planned to skip school one day ○ Each paid 6 pence ○ They visited the ship and the Pigeon house  Leo could not make it on the day of the skipping • They chased kids acting as Indians ○ Someone called them “swaddlers” since the troop thought they were Protestants • They crossed on a ferryboat ○ They bought biscuits and chocolates ○ Mahony chased a cat down a lane but it led them to a field • A man approached them ○ Starting talking to the boys ○ He would give anything to be young again ○ The narrator lied about reading all the books the man had mentioned • Lord Lytton’s works were not appropriate for boys ○ He asked the boys how many sweethearts they had ○ The man adored the soft hands and soft hair of women… ○ He walked to the near end of the field  Mahony pointed out he was a queer person ○ Mahony then saw the cat and chased it when the man came back • The man wondered if Mahony had been whipped ○ Rough and unruly boys deserve a whipping ○ A boy talking to a girl must be whipped ○ He described how he would whip a boy • Murphy and Smith were the fake names Araby • The boy lived in a house whose former tenant was a dead priest ○ He left a will in which the house and all his possessions for his sister • The boy would look at Mangan’s sister’s door every morning ○ When she left, he would leave for school and walk past her • One day she asked the boy if he was going to Araby ○ She wanted to go but she was committed to a retreat that day • The boy said if he went, he would buy her something ○ The boy could not focus in school due to the eagerness of the bazaar ○ He thinks about her constantly during class • There was a day where the boy did not see her in the morning ○ His uncle did not come during dinner  He was going to give him the train fair  Turns out he had forgotten • He was alone in the train and arrived ten minutes to ten ○ Almost all the stalls were closed ○ He heard a women talking to two gentlemen  The women was the owner of the vase stall  He felt unwanted by the woman because she kept on turning around and watching over her goods • In the end, he did not purchase anything for Mangan’s sister Eveline • There used to be a field where the girl would play together ○ Now it is full of houses ○ Her mother was dead, Tizzie Dunn too • She considered going away; running away from home ○ She had a shelter and food if she stayed; but had to work hard ○ She could also run away and leave with a man  People would respect Eveline if she moved away • Eveline’s dad was violent ○ His dad was also a gambler ○ All her money was given to her dad • She know looks over two children • Frank was her lover ○ He had a house in Buenos Ayres ○ He was a sailor • Her father forbid her to talk to Frank ○ One day, her father quarreled with Frank  From that day on, they had to meet secretly • She had two letters; one to Harry and one to her father ○ She had promised her mother to keep the family together as long as possible • She went to the harbor and met Frank ○ She was unsure if she wanted to leave her family or not ○ As Frank pulled her, she did not let go of the iron bar • Her eyes gave him no sign of love or farewell or recognition Two Gallants • Two men talk as they walk down the street • Corley picked up a girl ○ She was outside of Waterhouse’s clock ○ She would steal cigarettes and cigars from her employer  She worked as a maid ○ She did not know his name • Corley’s dad was an inspector • Lenehan started at the moon while Corley said hi to all the girls • One of Corley’s old girlfriend became a prostitute after meeting him ○ Lenehan said it was his fault • Corley plans on convincing the maid to steal again tonight ○ Lenehan saw her and said she looked ugly ○ He went for another look and set a meeting place at the corner of a street and left • He waited at the hotel and saw him ○ He stalked the couple quietly until they climbed the Donnybrook tram ○ He went to the Refreshment Bar  Ordered a plate of peas and a ginger beer ○ He thought o
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