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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

LEC02 January 21, 2011 ASSIGNEMENT DETAILS Maximum of 3 in a group for the poster assignment Mounted in the meeting place o People will walk around & ask questions Usually there is a summary, intro, discussion & end o What is the point of doing this assignment? o What do you want people to learn out of it? Graded on a couple of questions & presentation 2 Types of Crust: o Oceanic Crust is denser & wants to sink down, back into the plastic rock underneath, thats why we have oceans. Ocean floors are alwaysslowly sinking o Continental Crust is thicker, but more buoyant like an iceberg as it floats on the mantle (less dense) Moho = Mohoroviic discontinuity: base of crust Asthenosphere: means weak spear, weak hot plastic Plate movement: Crust + Asthenosphere moving together Maximum depth drilled: 12km deep, expensive and difficult to drill deeper cause its hot Deepest mine is 4km down in South Africa, diamond mine o Any deeper is not possible: too hot Geophysics physical principles to the earth Earth quakes pros: o They generate energy o Can be used to locate the location of plates. Faults are no more than a crack in the crust Focus is where the energy is released, where the earthquake is triggered, always underground o Determines how much damage happens (the depth; the deeper, the less damage; determines the effectiveness of the earthquakes) www.notesolution.com
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