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Chapter 3

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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

Read chapter 3 and 4ave Wilsons cycle about 400500 million years agohow many super continents can you identify back into history Part 1What do earthquakes tell us about the planets interior and plate tectonicshow long will it take for them to go through the body of the planet description of earthquakeThe good news seismic energy is used to map the earths interiordeep drilling about 12km deepits hard to keep the drilled hole opendiamond150kmthey come back up to the earths surfacewhen plate collides they will frost up the earths surfaceHow earthquake occursfocus is where the energy is releasedepicentredirectly above the focus the point on the earths surfaceFault plane where the rocks sitsFault trace scarpfaults are buried they cannot be seen New ZealandtectonicHas fault scarplocated boundary ofpacific indian plate Body wavesprimary wave compressionextension wave57kmsecsecondary wave24kmsecLove wavesurface of the earthrayligh wavecause damage on earthepicentrethey arrive simultaneouslypwaves showdow zone compressional waves
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