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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

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Mark Hunter

1 The Vitality of Practicey Lack of access to effective biomedical services was the most salient feature of the Haitian health systemo Lot of brain drain study to be Dr but then move to different country o Haiti is 5 Dr to 100 000 inhabitants vs USA is 250 to 100 000 y Poverty affects disease attribution and outcome and no mention of the pathogenicity of social inequalityy Ppl in Haiti wanted hospital more than schools water vaccines prenatal care y Medical services for the ppl Id come to care abt were simply not costeffective in the increasingly dominant framework of neoliberalism nor were their proposed projects however modest sustainable according to the criteria imposed by the development set that at times seemed to be running Haiti Pragmatic Solidarity in Haitiy To do pragmatic solidarity two organizations were established oZanmi Lasanta community based led by priests and his coworkers in Haitio Partners in Health a Massachusettsbased nongovernmental organization with a mission to remediate inequalities of access to health care y TB clinic is combined HIV and TB unit bc AIDS id more stigmatized than TB but also bc most ppl with HIV fall ill with T
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