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Chapter 22

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Chapter 22 Profits First The Pharmaceutical industry in CanadaIntroduction pharmaceutical company no different from any other enterprise in capitalist economy primary motivation for making drugs is profit Code of Conduct of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association of Canada PMAC now called Canadas ResearchBased Pharmaceutical Companies Axed emphasizes the unique role it plays in providing prescription drugs and other services to the public 4 sections will analyze some of the most significant factors contributing to the profits of the industry1 The relationship bw the state and the industry2 The research efforts of the drug companies 3 Prices of drugs4 How industry promotion influences prescribingPrivate Profit versus Public Good Eli Lilly and Benoxaprofen an example of how profit comes before public service involves Eli lily and benoxaprofen antiarthritis drugIn 1980 was marketed in Britain under the name Oprenthe drug was popular but shortly after it started being distributed 8 deaths resulting from adverse reactions to Opren was noted Nine months after first known British death it was introduced to Canada and evaluated by the Canadian Health Protection Branch HPB when drug was submitted to the branch Lilly did not inform them of the deaths that occurred in Britain until the day before it was going to be published in the British Medical Journal BristolMyers Squibb and Pravastatin Canadian Coordinating Office for Health and Technology Assessment CCOHTA is a nonprofit organization that conducts evaluations of pharmaceuticals and medical technologiesthey said that all statins group of drugs were the sameBMS BristolMyers Squibb were afraid this would result negatively for the business so they went to court to block the publication of CCOHTAs reportthey were attempting to stop free flow of scientific information in defence of its profits Merck Frosst and Vioxxvioxx involved in arthritis pain could lead to increase in cardiovascular events ie heart attacks or strokestried to camouflage this by excluding those with heart problemsMerck later withdrew drug from market but while it was on the market this drug lead to thousands of heart attacks stokes and deathsProfits in the Pharmaceutical Industry Profit as an Accounting Illusionlooking at table 221 its difficult to deny that there are huge profits to be derived from manufacturing pharmaceuticals but RxD claims that the high profits are an accounting illusion created by standard accounting practice of treating research and development RD expenditures as expenses against current income
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