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Chapter 13

Chapter 13 - detailed txtbook notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Michelle Silver

Chapter 13Through the Medical Eyes The Medicalization of Womens Bodies and Womens LivesAMedicalization refers to the process whereby an activity or a condition becomes defined by society at large as an illness either physical or psychological and is thereby moved into the sphere of control of the medical profession Eg habitual gambling has been regarded by some as a sin but now it has been described a psychological illness compulsive gamblingProfessionalism occurs when an occupational group attains a monopoly over a certain area of expertise First the emerging profession must lay claim to an area of knowledge and then create a clientele or market for its services The new profession must also maintain its power and also the power of the medical profession was aided by medicines crucially important alliance with scienceWhatever the case the medical profession continues to struggle today to maintain its dominant position by warding off competitors eg midwives practitioners of alternative medicine and by expanding its services into evernew marketsmost recently sexuality Once again womens bodies offer a lucrative
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