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Chapter 19

Chapter 19 Notes

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Health Studies
Anna Walsh

Hltb03Ch. 19 - Environmental health issues can only be analyzed if the social and political economic contexts in which these issues are embedded are understood first Public concern about the environment and health - Rachel Carsons publication of Silent spring, inspired modern day environmental movementshe described the devastating environmental and health impacts of the synthetically produced chemical DDT - DDT was used after WWII for control of a wide range of insect pestsit was widespread in the environment and in the food chain - Publication of Silent springsinspired numerous political and social reactions as environmental movements arose to protect the environment from chemical contamination and to demand the need to regulate industry - The photo of the earth taken from spacealso brought into vivid focus the finite and fragile qualities of the physicalmaterial basis that supports our lives and came the realization that we need to preserve that life support system through environmental protectionism - The emphasis on the need to protect the environment was bolstered by the release of the Limits to growth report in 1972the report presented different future scenarios based on the results of inputting a large number of different variables into a computer modelit concluded that industrial growth could not keep going the way it was presently going, because that would lead to societal collapse based on major food shortages, the depletion of natural resources and an excessive amount of pollution and chemical contaminations - This report and the oil crisis in 1972 served to heighten public awareness of the environmental issue - During this period there was a rise of various environmental acts, legislation and government bodies - A decade laterthe UNWCEDreleased a reportintroduced the influential notion of sustainable development o It offered a solution by formally attempting to bridge together concerns about environmental protection with continued industrial growth o The urgency to adopt an approach became more compelling as evidence mounted for two environmental problems of a worldwide scopeboth of which could be attributed to industrial activities of the modern daythe www.notesolution.com
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