HLTA01 Ch 2

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Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Ch 2 Plagues the Price of Being Sedentary 2342 our oldest ancestors lived in Africa about 42 million yrs ago and are named Australopithecus anamensis apelike humansthe fossil discovery of A afarensis did show the species stood erect on 2 feet which dramatically changes lifestyles dietsthe change of disease patternsAustralopithecus acquired the ability to standallowed them to shift ecological niches f trees to the ground this would welcome new diseasesa climate change towards the drycold was speculated to have triggered a diff species of hominids as follows A Australopithecus boisei was a smallbrained vegetarian B Homo habilis showed evidence of being a hunter w the use of stone tools allowing a diff food source to be acquired feeding upon animalsbutchered meat led to an increase of parasitismzoonoses is the result of animal infections transmitted to humanspossibilities include anthrax tetanus bacteriaintestinal tapewormsalso vulnerable to f viral diseases mosquitotransmitted yellow feverH habilis became replaced by Homo erectus who refined stone technology furthermore the closest species to modern humanspopulations of H erectus left Africatravelled to ChinaIndonesia where parasites may have followed their migratory path and diffused Homo sapiens were then disco
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