HLTA01 Ch 4

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Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Ch 4 An Ancient Plague the Black Death 6688 there has been 3 bubonic plague pandemics 200 millionppl killed a the Justinian Plague of 542 in the Roman Empire b in Europe largely Florence North AfricaMiddle East of 1346 c Yunnan region of China in 1860sreferred to as the Black Death nd source of the 2 pandemic resulted f leftover microbes f the Justinian plague to remain endemic for 7 centuries in voles marmotsblack rats rattus rattusblack rats travelled f central Asia to the Crimea Ukraine and f there on to portsdiff countriesEffective Measures in 1374 the Venetian Republic reqd all ships passengerscargo to remain on board for 40 daysquarantinehospitals of isolation pest houseCordon sanitaires a ring of soldiers preventing the movement of pplclothesbedding burnedfleainfected rodents travelled through steamshipsrailwayslife expectancy became 20 yearsthe Jews were blamed for the plague antiSemitism were reqd to wear a yellow star of Davidaccused of poisoning Christian wellsmany became burned esp in Feb 1349the Roman Catholic Church suggested the sick was the sinne
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