Plagues without Germs (Chart-form with labels as indicated in the review)

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Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Plagues without Germs Disease Causes Determinants Symptoms Pellagra - belief that the disease was specific - Goldberger determined that - 4 Ds: dermatitis, diarrhea, to the poor pellagra was clearly tied to dementia, and death - evidence established that the economics: those with a better disease was due to niacin-deficiency economic stand had better food caused by poor food habits and lack (vegetables, milk, and red meat) of vitamins (economic and food and therefore did not have reasons) pellagra. - Better known as a vitamin B12 - he called the missing factor deficiency. missing in food the P-P (pellagra-preventative) factor, later known as B12. White Rice Plague - too much white rice (polished rice) - Eijkman established that the - neurological disorder Beriberi caused a deficiency in vitamin B1 disease was not germ-related characterized by paralysis of (thiamine) and was established as the hands and feet the cause of Beriberi - kakke meaning leg
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