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Chapter 9

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Health Studies
Joseph Bryant

HLTC02Chapter 9 Cultures of DisAbility From Being Stigmatized to Doing Disability There a danger in discussing disability within the context of womens health especially if the term womens health maintains the hierarchical healthillness binary a binary that disability scholars and activists find problematicDisability should not only an embodied and relational experience but also a sociocultural and political eventFour domains that can be deepened by a disability analysis representation the body identity and activismStigma and Stigmatism Stigma Goffman diagnoses the self in relation to particular other and to society and social norms in general he also focused on the individual self in a world that at once creates and oppresses itGoffmanoHis work is moral in character marked by a passionate defense of the self against societyoDefines stigma as the situation of the individual who is disqualified from full social acceptanceoStigma theories are ideologies that rationalize the practices of stigmatizationoThe experience of stigma and the social and cultural practices of stigmatization reveal the ways in which all identity is relationaloNot all stigmas are visibleoA stigmatized person is often mo
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