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Health Studies
Joseph Bryant

HLTC02Chapter 7 Womens Health and the Politics of Poverty and Exclusion Womens Poverty in CanadaIn Canada more than half of singleparent households with children have incomes below the poverty level In Canada the term low income refers to lowincome cutoffs LICOs identified by Statistics Canada These cutoffs define low income in relative terms based on the percentage of income that individuals and families spend on the basic needs of food clothing and shelter in comparison with other CanadiansLICO is a consistent and welldefined method that identifies those who are substantially worse off than the average people spend too much of their money for food shelter and clothing based on their family size and where they liveMore women than men likely to experience deprivation but women experience poverty differentlyth15 of all families are loneparent and more than 56 of them are headed by womenOlder women are still more likely to be economically disadvantaged than their male counterpartsThe main causes of womens poverty are labour market inequities domestic circumstances and welfare systems also women are working increasingly part time temporary or contract employment which offer little financial securityWomens poverty occurs as a consequence of the complex interplay of such f
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