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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 notes

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Health Studies
Anna Walsh

Chapter 3- Theories of Aging - The aging process can occur at the biological, psychological, and social level - Bengston, Rice and Johnson (1999)= 3 aspects of age on which theories focus- characteristics of the aging population, the developmental or aging process, and the way in which age is incorporated into the social structure - Successful aging consists of good physical and mental health as well as good social functioning - Kuypers and Bengstons (1973) social breakdown theory argues that physical, psychological, and social health are tightly linked in later life, and problems in one area may cause or accelerate problems in another area Biological Theories of Aging - Genetic Theories o Maximum life span of human is 120 years, fruit life 30 days o Programmed Cell Death (Apoptosis) Death gene; a gene that regulates sudden cell death= called apoptosis Genetic material is not static, different segments turn on and off, depending on the need to synthesize proteins, perform other functions such as motility and transport, or to control the functions of other genes including the complicated process of cell proliferation Damage to these regulator proteins may be one mechanism for cancer that is uncontrolled cell proliferation Apoptosis is one mechanism for the destruction of cells that have proliferated for specific purposes, such as T-cells in the immune system, and needed to be destroyed after having accomplished their task Fetal cells replicate more times than an adult cell There is a positive correlation between life span of a species and the number of times a cell will replicate; for humans ex. The number of times a somatic cell can replicate is partially regulated by the telomere length. Telomere consists of the specialized ends of DNA www.notesolution.com
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