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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

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Health Studies
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Anna Walsh

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Chapter 3Theories of Agingy Aging process occurs at o Biological o Psychological o Social levelsy 2 reasons for lack of integration in theories of gerontologyo There are 3 different aspects of age on which theories can focus characteristics of aging pop development or aging process and way in which age is incorporated into our social structure o Gerontology has been a bottom up discipline it starts from facts systematic observations that may be groped loosely into models which specify categories of variables that should be related and only rarely achieve the status of theory which tries to explain or at least specify the process involved in particular phenomenon y Aging consists of o Good physical o Mental health o Good social functioning y Kuyper and Bengstons social breakdown theory argues that physical psychological and social health are tightly linked in later life and problems in one area may cause problems in another area y Von Dras and Blumenthals psychosocial factors moderate the rate at which individuals age y Maruyamas deviation amplification model provide useful way of articulating this overreaching framework y Holds that most systems have deviation countering mechanisms to maintain homeostasis y If change occurs mechanisms exist for countering that change and returning the organism to a steady state y Ex Blood pressure regulation heart rate respiratory rate glucose regulation and DNA repair y Once a system is jarred out of homeostasis the deviation amplification mechanisms can take over accelerating the change or imbalance y Maruyamas theory represents precursor to chaos theory and does not follow cause and effect processes y Chaos theory shows how initially small changes can result in very large differences bt systems or individuals y Has been used to describe cascade effects in cardiovascular functioning problems and model for aging y Maruyamas deviation amplification model may be a better framework for integrating theories of aging because it includes mechanisms for maintaining homeostasis as well for promoting change both positive and negative y Aldwin and Stokols used this model to describe effects of env stress
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