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Chapter 6

Chapter 6 notes

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Health Studies
Anna Walsh

A&G: Ch 6 - Aging of the Internal Organ Systems. This chapter discusses aging of the cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, and renalurinary systems. Normative age-related changes (i.e., changes common enough that most older adults can expect to experience them) are examined, in addition to the common diseases and malfunctions of the individual systems that can accelerate the aging process. Cardiovascular System Basic Anatomy and Physiology The cardiovascular system is the bodys main transportation system. Sends supplies to the body while removing toxic waste System composed of heart, blood vessels, blood Arteries carry blood away from heart, veins carry blood to the heart Blood is made of water, red and white blood cells, platelets, nutrients Blood also carries electrocytes to balance acidbase level Heart is enclosed in a fibrous sac called pericardium Upper chambers of heart = atria, lower chambers = ventricles Ventricles are thicker because they do the long distance pumping O2 poor blood collected from right atrium Flows to right ventricle and exchanges CO2 for O2 64% of blood is found in veins Lub when the atria close and ventricles contract Dub closure of valves between ventricles and large arteries Nervous pump sysem of valves consisting of tissue in vein wall forcing blood to flow in one direction towards heart Venous pumps wont work as well if you dont move... Lactic acid Age-Related Changes Enlargement of heart mass with age Slowing electrical activity of heart By 75, only 10% of pacemaker cells remain Bradycardia abnormally slow pulse due to increased fat tissue around sinoatrial node Collagen causes large artiries to stiffen Blood pressure usually rises Capillaries become more narrow 1 www.notesolution.com
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