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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
R Song

Trends in Childhood Disease by PallapiesAbstract Child Mortality disordersincrease Increase rates of asthma and neurodevelopment and neurobehavioral disorders Increase rates of leukemia and decrease rates of lymphoma Environmental factorsaffects child health nutrition living env lifestyle and behaviorparent sibling behavior and SES EU European Union and USIntroduction In 2000 108 millionno of children 5 years died in 2000 Decreased neonatal mortality rate but still increasing Health outcomes rarely contributing to child mortalityChallenges in Assessing Trend in human pop Population Characteristics Various factors make it difficult to compare either data between different countries due to Lack ofstandardized criteria for diagnosisIncomplete registration lead to underreported cases Different or increasingscreening practices assoc with reported disease rates Migration mobility and other factors cause changes in popcharacteristics that can affect disease rates over larger geographical scalesRespiratory diseases or asthmaLeading cause of Child mortality in EU Pulmonary function deteriorates gradually during the life of adult organism which occurs in early childhood Asthma prevalence in increasing globallyand prevalence of wheezing increase in western countriesThrough time declined asthma rates1990s peak and 2000s decl
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