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HLTB10- Ch 4

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Health Studies
Toba Bryant

HLTB10 Ch 4 Survey Research Structured Interviewing and QuestionnairesStructured interview standardized interview interviewer asks questions listed on an interview schedule which is a formalized script that the interviewer must follow in detailthe goal is to aggregate the interviewees replies to form group rates Structured interviews are key bc it promotes the standardization of both the asking of questions and the recording of answers Reducing error due to interviewer variabilityvariation in ppls replies are due to true or real variation in the characteristic being measured rather than extraneous factors however some sources of error in survey research can bePoorly worded Qs Interviewer error in asking a questionMisunderstanding on the part of the interviewee Interviewee lapses in memory Interviewer error in recording infoMistakes in entering the data into a computer fileBiases caused by the innate characteristics such as gender or race of the interviewers and intervieweesMeasured variationtrue variationvariation due to error Variation due to error can come f several sources intrainterviewer variability where an interviewer is not consistent in asking questions or recording answers either w diff respondents or w the same respondent or interinterviewer variability when there is more than one interviewer and they are not consistent w each other in the ways they ask questions andor record answersmeasurement error can occur Accuracy and ease of data processingstructured interviews contains Qs that are closedended precoded or fixedchoice or Closed the respondent is given a limited choice of possible answers f which to choose thus interviewer variability is reduced If an Openopenended Q is asked interviewer cannot write down everything said may embellish what is said or may misinterpret the response giventhe following answerssentences would be examined and categorized so that each persons answers can be aggregated w other respondents answers to the same questiona number is then allocated to each category of answer for quantitative analysis this process is codingpotential source of error is variability in the coding of answers if the rules for assigning answers to categories collectively known as the coding frame are flawed any observed variation may not reflect the true variation in interviewees replies but instead result f the shortcomings of the coding frame Intracoder variability a coder varies over time in applying the rules for assigning answers to categories Intercoder variability coders differ f each other in how to categorize the same
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