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HLTB10- Ch 10

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Health Studies
Toba Bryant

HLTB10 Ch 10 Interviewing in Qualitative ResearchQualitative interviewing is quite diff f quantitative interviewing In quantitative research the approach is highly structured to maximize reliability and validity but qualitative interviewing is more openended Theres a greater interest in the interviewees perspective and concerns in qualitative interviewing but quantitative interview is more driven by the researchers agenda Going off in tangentsbeing flexible is encouraged in qualitative interviewing but not in quantitative research Qualitative interviewing require rich detailed answers but quantitative researchers want specific answers for coding Two major types of qualitative interviewing areUnstructured interview researcher uses at most an aide memoire a small set of selfprompts to investigate certain topics similar to a conversation used to capture the most genuine access to world views of members of a social settingSemistructured interview researcher has a list of Qs or fairly specific topics to be covered referred to as an interview guide but the interviewee still has plenty flexibility in responding questions may not follow exact order or be included An interview guide is much shorter and less detailed than a structured interview scheduleits a brief list of memory prompts for areas to be covered in unstructured interviewing Kinds of questions that are used in qualitative interviewing includeIntroducing quest
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