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HLTB10- Ch 11

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Health Studies
Toba Bryant

HLTB10 Ch 11 SamplingBasic terms and concepts in samplingElementunit a single case in the popn usually a personPopulation all cases about which one seeks knowledge or all cases to which a researchers conclusions are meant to apply Sampling frame the list of elements from which the sample will be selected Sample the elements selected for the investigation a subset of the popnRepresentative sample a sample that is a microcosm of the popnone that represents its essential characteristics Probability sample a sample selected using a random process such tat each unit in the popn has a known chance of being selected Nonprobability sample a sample selected using a nonrandom method Sampling error errors of estimation that occur if theres a difference btwn the characteristics of a sample and those of the popn f which it was selected Nonresponse occurs whenever some unit selected for the sample refuses to participate or cannot be contactedCensus an attempt to collect data f all elements in the popn rather than f a sample the data are a consensus Three sources of bias 1 Not using a random method to pick the sample2 The sampling frame or list of potential subjects is inadequateif sampling frame excludes cases or is inaccuratesample cannot represent the popn3 Some people in the sample refuse to participate or cannot be
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