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Chapter 4

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Media Studies
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Digital media criticism
Ch4: Auteur criticism and social media
o Examining the textual features that make up a facebook page
o Individuals carefully construct selves, fashioning a txt abt themselves
The person’s “face”
o Facebook page begins with the image of the person whose page it is
o Style of the picture reveals some common strands
o 5 devices that fb offeres for auteurship status updates, wall, newsfeed, photos/videos, groups and
o impact depends on whether they are used as tools to mobilize personal identity
o includes privacy settings viewable only to friends, friends of friends, family or custom stc
Status updates
o imp sociological/personal pointof self-positioning
o an invitation to engage with the specifics of that intensely personal moment
o 4 types of “signatures”
1) dormant when the person has few entries
2) episodic status updates on a regular basis
3) liminal infrequent use of status updates but when it is undertaken, the effort is often extensive
~ when a game is happening, status are updated often “K is celebrating the 2008 world champions”, “K is
disappointed with his bulldogs but wanted to make sure that everyone had heard that his Phillies are world
4) cardiac hourly status updates on a daily basis, you get to hear abt the person’s life in detail
~ “E is looking at oxford napkins and dreaming”, “E is having a drink”, “E is enjoying raw tuna
The newsfeed
o made up msges dealing with events, videos, groups, topics
o 4 kinds of messages that has a specific auteurial signature
~ situational, referential, relational and commercial
o situational deals with a specific event, context or msg that has relevance outside of a purely individual
msg/relationship; often takes priority in the newsfeed. Eg: “my pres is black!”, “woot!! Obama!”
o focuses on a specific event or msges
o tells the world (often on a daily basis) of how one’s identity is being shaped
o “S is a fan of Gallup world poll”, “S became a fan of ben and jerry’s”, “D has joined the group florida gator
o can be txt, pictures or videos
o “x and y are now friends” – while this references the building of every-widening circle of friends, it also
suggests a system of personal preferences and affiliations
The wall
o signals a collective desire for others to write one’s autobiography
o 3 kinds of motivation that gets ppl to join groups
~ affirmation, exploration and activism
o affirmation decision to join seems to confirm one’s sense of identity (consistent with personal and
professional interests and identity). Eg: di gamma kappa, language and gender groups
o exploration users find these kinds of groups of interest to them
o activism ppl join with the explicit purpose of not affirming or exploring a part of their identity but in
changing social, economic or political conditions. “think 4 pink”, “feed the children”
Applications : two kinds
1) Intratexts : engage with the app function of fb itself
“I hate applications”, “I am sick of fb apps”, “are you addicted to fb apps?”
“dive poke” – which takes the “poke” function of fb
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