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University of Toronto Scarborough
Media Studies
Michael Petit

10 reception analysis  reception scholars primarily seek to understand the personal meanings that individuals make of mass media texts in relation to their lived social systems and experiences  provide the field of media studies with a unique perspective on the power of audiences in shaping the media landscape  reception analysis supports the notion of an active audience constantly reformulating the meanings of a media text across lines of race, class, gender, sexuality, and more  reception theory: an approach that stresses audience interpretation as the primary site of meaning-making classic audience studies and media effect research  hypodermic needle approach, outlining how the mass media injected particular meanings into consumers  gratification theory  thinking of audiences as empowered to select their access to specific media and to use that media within the ranges of possibility  assumes that individuals consciously consume media texts for their own ends, purposefully reworking textual meaning in order to integrate the text into their daily life  reception theory claims that while consciousness may be a factor for some individual consumers, audience members as a whole can refashion dominant media meanings without being completely cognizant of the process encoding/ decoding: stuart hall  code: a set of rules that govern the use of visual and linguistic signs within a culture  encoding: the process of creating a meaningful message according to a particular code  decoding: the process of using a code to decipher a message and formulating meaning  the left hand encoding side of the model is primarily concerned with how dominant ideologies come to exist in mass mediated texts.  the codes that media industries use to create media texts are marked by hegemonic ideologies  the right hand decoding side of the model shows how audiences can actually interpret or read media texts according to three possible codes or positions (dominan
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