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Chapter 8

MDSA01 chapter 8

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Media Studies
Ted Petit

CHAPTER 8 FEMINIST ANALYSIS Singer India Arie proclaiming I am not my hairHair is a key way we mark gender normsFeminist scholars concentrate on how biological categories like malefemale become conflated with cultural expectations of gender resulting in discriminatory social systems that privilege men over womenFEMINISM AN OVERVIEWFeminism broadly a political project that explores the diverse ways that men and women are socially empowered or disempoweredContemporary feminism is not antimaleSexism discrimination based upon a persons sexFeminism seeks to revealeradicate socially ingrained systems of sexism that harm all individuals in some waySex refers to the innate biological differentiation between men and women anatomy reproduction hormone production etcGender refers to the culturally constructed differences between men and women tastes roles activities etcSex refers to malefemale gender refers to masculinefeminineEg Y chromosome is male trait aggressiveness is masculine traitEssentialism belief that gender distinctions are innate and naturalPatriarchy system of power relations in which womens interests are subordinated to those of menEssentializing a group is one way of defining them and making their worth and patriarchy essentializes women in a way that devalues them while predominantly serving the interests of menEg women believed to innately be more nurturing than men so it makes sense for women to stay home with newborn children while men work and earn moneyFeminism attempts to recognize and disable patriarchal social systems that disempower individual women but recent feminist scholarship has also begun looking at the ways in which patriarchy harms individual menThe gendered expectations that patriarchy places on women also exert pressure on men often demanding that men show little emotion avoid certain occupations or act as the breadwinner for their familiesFeminist media scholars understand media texts as products of sexist social systems and they look especially at the ways in which patriarchal systems of power inform the creation of media textsScholars in this tradition analyze TV programs films magazines radio programs and internet sites to understand how these texts reflect support and create systems of unequal gendered powerSTEREOTYPING IN AMERICAN MEDIAStereotype misleading and simplified representation of a particular social group
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