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Chapter 7

MDSA01 chapter 7

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Media Studies
Ted Petit

CHAPTER 7 PSYCHOANALYTIC ANALYSISPSYCHOANALYTIC THEORY AN OVERVIEWExistence and centrality of drivesDrives somatic demands upon the mind Motivating forces that arise when biological needs hunger thirst sex register within the mind and seek gratification through objects in external realityPleasure principle uncontrollable human drive to satisfy desire appetite for something that promises enjoyment satisfaction pleasure in its attainmentEg to satisfy biological need for hungernutrition we eatReality principle interplay between pleasure seeking and the realistic limits placed on that activity Constant curbing of desire according to possibility law social conventionWhen a drive becomes blocked in the achievement of its object Freud suggests the mind copes with this frustration by repressing or submerging the wish for the object into the unconsciousUnconscious mental screen behind which the individual cannot clearly or consciously recognizeRepression immersion of a drive beneath the unconsciousRepression temporarily relieves the sense of frustration but the drive always waits for an opportunity to make itself known in preconscious or consciousnessThe id present from birth is the source of drives regulated by pleasure principleEgo is the part of the id closest to consciousness that develops as the individual becomes aware of reality Responsible for curbing drives according to reality principleSuperego is the part of the mind that equips ego with common sense shame etcFREUDIAN DEVELOPMENTSigmund Freud believed human motivation resulted from sexual driveHis theory begins with notion that humans are born polymorphously perverse with the ability to experience sexual pleasure in many different waysIndividuals learn to restrict fulfilling their sexual desires later in lifeThree developmental stages 1 Oral stage o Mouth and act of sucking take on primary significance oAct of breastfeeding from mother satisfies nutrition and pleasure as well 2 Anal stage o Retention and expulsion of waste 3 Phallic stage o Shifting libidinal concentration onto genitals
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