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Rhetorical Analysis

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Media Studies
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Ted Petit

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Rhetoric An Overview pg100Rhetoric refers to the ancient art of oratory or as Aristotle defined an ability in each particular case to see the available means of persuasionRhetoric relies on symbols to influence whatand how audiences think and feelTheories of the Sign pg101Sign is something that invites someone to think of something other than itself such as the way an image of a person invites one to think of that person or the way the unique combination dog invites some to think of a fourlegged canineSigns are significant becausethey are the fundamental building blocks of meaning and hence communicationFerdinand de Saussure 18571913 pg101Semiology a science which studies the role of signs and the laws governing themAll linguistics signs were a combination of signifier and signifiedSignifieror sound image refers to the material from of a sign as perceived by the senses such as the word dog as heard by the listenerSignifiedor mental concept the idea evoked by the signifier in this case the idea of dognessThe linguistic sign has two defining traitsiArbitrary there is no natural correspondence no necessary relationship betweensignifier and signified There is no inevitable or inherent link between signifiers and signifieds that the idea of dogness can be conveyed by different signifiers dog chien perroiiLinearity since the signifier being auditory is unfolded solely in time it is impossible to utter two distinct linguistic signs simultaneously Saussure recognized that this trait did not hold true for visual signs in fact exploit more than one dimension simultaneously Signifiers operate in a temporal chainSaussers Methods of investigating the rules that govern signsoLangue Versus ParoleIt is important to distinguish between langue the linguistic system and parole individual speech acts or utterances To study langue is to study the rules and conventions that organize the system while to study parole is to study specific uses or performances of languageoSynchoronic versus DiachronicSynchronic Analysis
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