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CH 5 - Critical Media Studies: An Introduction (Ott & Mack)

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Media Studies
Ted Petit

Chapter 5Rhetorical AnalysisCHAPTER 5 Rhetorical AnalysisKey Terms AestheticsThe meaningfulness of art and life as apprehended through the senses the beauty of art and the sensual enjoyment it engenders AffectsThe feelings moods emotions or passions that arise in relation to direct sensory data ClusterThe way individual signs are associated with and dissociated from one another FormThe creation and satisfaction of desire GenreA type kind or class of messages that share distinctive and identifiable aesthetic stylistic substantive andor ideological conventions Iconic signsA sign that structurally resembles the object in which it stands Indexical signsA sign that conveys meaning through cause or association NarrativeThe visual or verbal retelling of a series of events real or fictitious that occur in often chronological succession RhetoricThe ancient art of persuasion the use of symbols by humans to influence and move other humans SemiologyFerdinand de Saussures approach to the study of signs SemioticCharles Sanders Peirces quasiscientific approach to the study of signs SignSomething that invites someone to think of something other than itself SignifiedThe mental concept evoked by the signifier Signifier The material form soundimage of a sign as perceived by the senses Signifying systemRoland Barthess approach to the study of signs SymbolA sign that is linked to its corresponding object purely by social convention or agreement Introductionrhetoric scholars view text as complex webs of interrelated parts that work together to encourage audiences to inhabit certain moods believe certain ideas or undertake certain actionsRhetoric An Overviewmedia while entertaining persuades us to adopt certain attitudes and overlook others because it is rhetoricalrhetoric is the use of symbols by humans to influence and move other humanssymbols are valueladen thus all messages as symbolic creations are bias
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