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Ted Petit

Part 4 NotesChapter 14the growth of the telegraph network was explosivethe telegraph became imperative to business communicationsthe most important commercial transactions occurred several hundred miles aparttelegraph was not so readily embraced in Britain transcontinental telephone line between the US and Cali showed the superiority rival companies created competitionthe telegraph service was only used by the rich because it was expensive mostly used to convey urgent messagesonce the message was delivered through the spoke to the the recipient a messenger boy delivered the message directly to the intended locationyoung men were eager to become messenger boys because it was a stepping stone to greater thingsThomas Edison and Andrew Carnegie were messenger boyslistening to the clicking of the apparatus rather than reading the dots and dashed on the paper tape soon became the practice this was Morses apparatusall telegraph ofces on a branch line shared one wirePrussia and Austria had the rst interconnection so that messages could be sent from Vienna to BerlinAustroGerman telegraph union between Prussia Saxony Austria Bavariathe Morse telegraph system allowed for direct connectionIf Britain was to be connected to the growing European network cables had to run through the English channelthe key to submarine telegraphy was making sure the cable was properly insulated strong enough not to break heavy enough to sink and sending messages slow enough to be understood this was managed by the Bretts which failed once because it wasnt heavy enough to sink and then worked the next time with the use of Gutta PerchaChapter 15the emergence of reporting as an occupation played off of the industrialization of the newspaper the world and the journal represented the contemporaries which is referred to as the new journalism these were the most popular newspapers newspapers took the route of factualityinformation or entertainmentstory penny press was factualthe news serves primarily to create for readers satisfying aesthetic experiences which help them to interpret their own lives and to relate them to the nation town or class to which they belong mead described this to be the proper function of the newspaperthe newspaper provides pure information and is veriable understandable within itselfthose newspapers which echo information are seen as being more reliable than those that portray story telling
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