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Media Studies
Gray Graffam

Issue 4: do media cause individuals to develop –ve body images? YES: Shari L. Dworkin and Faye Linda Wachs | what kinds of subjects and objects? Gender, consumer culture and convergence o Ad in health magazines tell ppl which products are useful in getting fit o Fat then becomes something to be feared o Men are given the status of subjects & women are objects o “subjective-aspects-within-being-as-object” – women experience identity, subjecthood and pleasure in the process of bodily objectification o women having sth done to them by media images, texts and larger cultural norms o women and girls come to see themselves as if someone was looking at them as an object converging bodies: gender and consumer culture o idealized physical forms are reinforced o ads usually feature slim models creating the impression that the idealbody is necessarily fat-free o workouts are highlighted in a fat-free form – focused on toning and reducing fat o women smiles = vulnerability; men smiles = powerful and privileged o men and women encouraged to use hair, skin, hygiene and grooming products NO: Michael P. Levine and Sarah K. Murnen | “everybody knows that mass media are/are not a cause of eating disorders”: a critical review of evidence for a causal link between media, -ve body image and disordered eating in females o Assumption that media cause eating disorders is too limited, instead there are other cultural, social and psychological issues playing a larger role in causing girls to harm themselves to lose weight o Media portrays that being sexually attractive is of importance, sources of ideals abt attractiveness are located outside the self Mass media and the thinness schema o Women are naturally invested in their beauty assets and thus beauty is a woman’s principal project in life o A slender image is pleasing to males and demonstrates to females that one is in control of one’s life o Le
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