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University of Toronto Scarborough
Media Studies
Gray Graffam

Issue 16: are youth indifferent to news and politics? o The percentage of adults who subscribe to the newspaper is diminishing YES: David T. Z. Mindich – Journalism and citizenship: making the connection - younger and the growing generation are not as involved in politics due to Fb, MySpace, Youtube and other digital media  The news habit - if you assign 6 graders to read the news, they will read it - sign them up for email alerts from the Times – kids who are often asked to follow the news often keep up with the habit on their own  Rebuilding trust - why young ppl don’t follow the news is that many of them no longer trust those bringing the news to them, esp the commercial outlets - four factors which conspire young ppl in deep suspicions of corporate media 1) young ppl are deeply and rightly suspicious of the rising sensationalism in the media 2) attacks from the right have labeled, unfairly, I blv, the mainstream press as being left wing 3) bc many on the left criticize the press for its failure to ask tough questions in the months leading up to the Irag War, a lot of young ppl don’t realize there were a number of hard-hitting reports and editorials 4) well meaning “media literacy” educators have sought to make young ppl aware of the dangers of media, in general, without helping them to see the benefits of journalism, in particular NO: Pew Internet & American Life Project – The Internet and civic Engagement - internet used to facilitate the process of the formation of political grps - everything abt political information is now available on the internet - Internet helps to connect ppl of geographically dispersed ppl at little cost – enhances political
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