Public Management - Lecture 004

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Management (MGS)
Sandford Borins

BUDGET SIMULATION ROLES 4 February 2014 Issues in Fantino vs. Veterans • Integrated service delivery (Service Canada centers vs. Veterans’Affairs offices) • Fantino’s support in service delivery change: Yes - didn’t represent his department’s clients; No - threaten to resign, or support government’s policy • Fantino’s handling of confrontation: “this finger-pointing stuff doesn’t work well with me” • Media relations: optics of emotional elderly men with their decorations 2013 Federal Budget Assumptions (Average Private Sector Forecast) 2013 Ontario Budget Assumptions behind Budget • Budget is in current dollars  inflation assumption • Canadian, US, global economic growth drive tax revenues • Expenditures influenced by demographic trends (aging population), economic performance (level of unemployment) • Budget cuts reduce spending growth • Debt = accumulated deficits • Interest rates influence debt charges (new borrowing) Fiscal Framework and Expenditure Budget • Fiscal Framework: Revenues, expenditures including interest on debt, surplus or deficit • Policy Framework: Speech from Throne or similar statement • Departmental Budgets: Funds for ongoing programs (discontinued programs, new programs) • Ideal: Discontinue and add simultaneously • Reality: Fiscal framework affects balance between discontinuing and adding • Timing: Best time to make cuts is start of mandate • Treasury Board (feds) or Management Board (ON) key Cabinet committee, their staff (secretariat) key central agency for expenditure management Controlling the Expenditure Budget • Examples of 2012 and 2013 cuts: o Federal government: increase OAS from age 65 to 67 (long term), cut 19,000 staff, cut contributions (10 % to CBC), back office efficiencies o Merge CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency) into DFAIT (Foreign Affairs and International Trade) = Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Development Canada o Ontario: Freeze salaries for public sector workers (docs, teachers, profs), delay capital spending, amalgamate school boards, shared school buses, end $345M racetrack subsidy • Interest group mobilization in response (teachers stop extracurricular activities); teachers, racetrack owners run ads • If asked, departments propose “Wash
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