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Management (MGS)

WEEK 4 READINGS Hogwood and Gunn, Policy Analysis for the Real World, Chapter 7 - Issue Definition: how an issue is recognized, placed on the public policy agenda, and further explored - How an issue is defined will affect and influence later processes of policy making such as setting objectives, identifying relevant options, policy monitoring and evaluating etc. - An incomplete definition is more dangerous than a wrong definition leading to insufficient analysis and concluding a wrong solution. The end result is no one is certain of what the actual problem is. - Inadequate issue definition occurs in anything related to crises or issues with intense political pressure that needs an immediate response - What policy makers define as problems are influenced by their values, ethics, standards, beliefs and these will contribute their impact on policy making - Yet each individual, groups, or interested parties may perceive the same thing differently according to their concerns and perspectives - Difficult to control the timing of a decision. Policy makers need to balance between avoid adopting a premature definition of an issue and over analyzing the problem which can create further problems - Delays frequently happen in arriving to a corporate view of an issue - Over the years, various groups/organization representing working wives, single- parent families, children in poverty, global warming, unemployment etc. tried to draw society towards the attention of the specific group’s “issue” - Unfortunately they have failed to achieve success until political leaders/politicians or specific legal/financial officials e
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