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Chapter 3

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Management (MGT)
Chris Bovaird

Information manager the manager responsible for the activities needed to generate analyze and disseminate information that a company needs to make good decisionsInformation management an internal operation that arranges the firms information resources to support businessperformance and outcomesData raw facts and figures ex fifty million tubes of toothpaste were sold last year the birth rate is rising slowlya major dentists group recently came out in favour of brushing three times a dayInformation a meaningful useful interpretation of data if all these data examples above can be put together in a meaningful way they may produce information about what sells toothpaste and whether manufacturers should build new plantsoThe challenge for businessesis to turn a flood of data into information and to manage that information to their best advantageoOne response to this challenge has been the growth of the information system ISan organized method of transforming data into information that can be used for decision making oEmployees at every level in the organization ranging from operational specialists to the top executive use information systems to improve performanceoThe relationship between information systems and organizations is amongst the fastestchanging aspects of business today At one time information system applications were narrow in scope and technically focused But then managers soon began using IS not merely to solve technical problems but to analyze management problems especially for control processesapplying qualitycontrol standards to production comparing costs against budgeted amounts keeping records on employee absences and turnover Today IS are also crucial in planning Finally another basic change in organizations is an increased interdependence between a companys business strategy and its IS Today the choice of a business strategy requires and information system that can support that strategy To effectively support a strategy the systems software hardware and other components must be integratedoNew electronic information technologies and more advanced data communication networks are meeting the needs of certain companiesElectronic information technologies EIT are IS applications based on telecommunications technologiesEITSs use networks of appliances on devices to communicate information by electronic means EITs enhance the performance and productivity on general business activities by performing two functions1 Providing coordination and communication within the firm
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