A+ Notes: Module 4-12

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Management (MGT)
Hugh Mac Donald

Module 4 WritingWhat is the Writing Process1Planningwhat is purpose infoevidence required create outline organize info contextexpectations2Draftingnotes thoughts formal draft3Rewritingfrom readers POV get feedback flow make sense editingproofreadingbest when you know topicunderstand audienceWhich Processes and How to Planno best wayunderstand problem revise workdont rely on direct translation from dictionary for other languagesst13 time on 1 draft 13 analyzing purpose audience info 13 revisingbrainstorm free write 10 min nonstop writing cluster talk to audience planning guideWhat is Revisionrevisingmake changes to better satisfy audiencepurposegrammar editingproofreadingtypographical errorsdont rely on grammar or spelling checker FleschKincaid Grade LevelFlesch Reading Easereadability of grade 810ask specifically what kind of feedback you want dont get defensiveCan I Use Form Lettersform lettertemplate prewritten fillintheblanks document for routine situationsboilerplate language sentences paragraphs pages from previous document in new documenttemplates can be outdated or inappropriate to situationModule 5 Designing Documents SlidesScreensWhy is Design Important good designeasy to read saves time groups ideas togetherget readers attention improve response ratesHow to design paper pageswhite spaceheadings listsbullets short para 67 lines parallelism begin with same part of speechlimit use of fullcaps max 2 fonts ragged right margins vs full justificationproportional vs fixedfontsamount of space per letterserif with extensions like Times hard copies vs sans serif wo extensions like Arial computersHow to design presentation slidessimple relevant interesting emphasize key points visualstext consistent backgrounddont read text to audienceHow to design web pageshome page10 ppl scroll pass home pg intro overview links interesting infonavigationminof links to get req infocontentsmall graphics min animation slow to load link to home contact nfo last updatedModule 6 YouAttitude
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