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Chapter 007

Management Communications - Chapter 007

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Management (MGT)
J Howard

TEAM PRESENTATIONS 31 January 2014 (Chapter 7, p.81-88) 6 steps to a successful team presentation: • Pick the right leader • Agree on the focus • Schedule frequent updates and reviews of the material • Conduct proper audience analysis • Pay attention to details • Have mutual respect for team members IF YOU ARE THE TEAM LEADER Much of the planning and details will be your responsibility. Responsibilities include: • Buy-in of the concepts and strategies from management (schedule meeting with key people before team begins working) • Audience analysis (gather info about audience) • Define the strategy for your team • Assign the topics • Make a schedule • Provide strong leadership and direction IF YOU ARE THE MODERATOR OF A PANEL DISCUSSION It is your responsibility to introduce the topic to be discussed and introduce each speaker. You will be opening and closing each segment of the discussion aid maintain proper timing. They will provide a bridge between segments and may or may not comment between presenters. He or she may simply move the discussion along if comm
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