Speaking Your Way To The Top - Chapter 6

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29 Dec 2010
MGTC36 Speaking Your Way To The Top Chapter 6
Chapter 6: Entertaining/Special Occasion presentations
o Some Guidelines to Consider Before Using Humour
- If humour does not come naturally to you, practice it 3 ± WLPHVDQGLILWVWLOOGRHVQ¶W
come out comfortably, leave humour out of your presentation
- If you are not comfortable with long stories, use one-liners
- If you are not sure if it is funny, try it out on someone and when in doubt, leave it out
- If no one laughs, try to say something to ease the silence
o 6 Guidelines to Help You Use Humour
- 1. Remember the punch line
credibility with the audience)
- 2. Make sure that the anecdote relates to your speech and is appropriate
- 3. Have good timing
Practice your story and tell it to several people and watch their reactions
Practice until you feel comfortable with the material or modify/eliminate it
May think fat jokes are funny but someone in the audience may has weight
Not appropriate even if your room is full of guys
$OZD\VNHHS\RXUDXGLHQFHLQPLQGZKDs funny in New York may not be
funny in Memphis)
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