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Chapter 8

Speakikng Your Way To The Top - Chapter 8

Management (MGT)
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MGTC36 Speaking Your Way To The Top Chapter 8
Chapter 8: Using Visual Aids Effectively
o Our ability to retain information increases by close to 40% when visual aids are used
(greater opportunity to impact)
o Allows complicated information to be broken down into parts, making audience
comprehension easier
o Can help remind speaker of what to say and when to say it
o There are four basic rules to follow when using a visual aid:
- 1. Leave it up long enough for your audience to look it over before you begin talking
about it
Stand so that the visual aid is to your left and point with your left hand (at the
beginning of the sentence)
- 3. Practice before your presentation
Be comfortable working with the visual aids and equipment
- 4. Keep going if something goes wrong with the visual aids or equipment
Turn the machine off if necessary and proceed without any visual aids
(visuals are aids for the audience, not you, so be prepared to present without
o Types Of Visual Aids
- The type of visual aid you choose depends upon several variables
The length of your presentation the available equipment
The audience size The type of presentation you will
be giving
The logistics of the meeting room
- Flipcharts
A flipchart is a large pad of paper mounted on an easel and are best used in
small, informal groups
You can write as you speak or put your points on the flipchart in advance of
the meeting
Use large letters and use blue or black marker only
Leave room between your points and use the four-by-four rule (use no more
than four lines and four words per line on any flipchart page)
Write only on the top ¾ of a page and you can lightly use a pencil to outline
your points/diagrams
Be sure to stand on the correct side (e.g. if right-handed, flipchart should be to
your left)
Remember the three Ts ± touch, turn, and talk ± as you use your visual aids
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