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Chapter 17

Chapter 17 Study Guide

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Music and Culture
Andy Lee

Chapter 17 Ludwig van Beethoven Prelude -people of new industrial age believed in progress and cultivated unprecedented enthusiasm for the future -Beethovens total number of work is small by comparison to output of Haydn and Mozart -wrote only 9 symphonies -his symphonies are longer and grander -did not have facility and speed of writing work as Haydn and Mozart -wrote music with great deliberation and after periods of intense struggle -was guided by inspiration -scholars have divided Beethovens works into three periods 1 period -assimilate musical language of classical time -find his voice as a composer nd 2 period -individualism 3 period -reflective and introspective First Period -Prince Karl von Lichnowsky, Prince Lobkowitz, and Archduke Rudolph were his patron -dedicated his works to these patrons -first composer who managed to make a living as an indepe
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