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Chapter 19

Chapter 19 Study Guide

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Music and Culture
Andy Lee

Chapter 19 Opera and Music Drama in the Nineteenth Century Prelude -national styles in opera -subjects and settings vary widely -from grand historical epics to folktales -from plots with strong political overtones to stories that center on private emotions and personal relationship -librettists cast middle-class characters in work -French grand opera was as much spectacle as music -infuse with Romantic elements, such as rescue plots and huge choral scenes -Italian opera -composers include Rossini, Donizetti, Bellini -Richard Wagner developed music drama -fusion of music , poetry, and theatre French Grand (and Not So Grand) Opera -French Grand Opera -mix of spectacle and historical, political, or religious themes -elaborate stage machinery, ballets, choruses, and crowd scenes -cater to middle class by painting aristocrats as wicked and opponents as cirtuous Opera comique -spoken dialogue instead of recitative -less pretentious than grand opera -required fewer singers and players -plot presents straightforward comedy or semi-serious drama instead of historical pageantry typical of grand opera Lyric opera -subject matter is romantic drama fantasy -appealing melody Bizets Carmen -move toward realism -opera comique because it contains spoken dialogue -rejection of sentimental mythological plot -a move toward realism, drama ends with a tragic murder -Spanish setting and Spanish rhythms and tunes -exoticism -Carmen is a seductive Gypsy who works in a cigarette factory www.notesolution.com
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