VPMB94 Chapter 3 Review

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Music and Culture
Alan Stanbridge

VPMB94 JazzChapter 3 Appreciating Jazz ImprovisationListening Techniquespick out sound of the bass bass part is the steadiestpick out sound of cymbalsfollow steady rhythm of cymbalbegin to notice extra notes that come beforeafter the beatsteady foundation in basscymbalslisten for chords from piano guitarplayed in rhythmic ways that prod soloisthelp make the band swingharmonies help guide improvisations1 Improvised lines of jazz soloist as melodiessome musicians invent lines that are catchmany musicians tend toward more elaborate linesinspired melody may be hidden in improvisationin avantgardejazzrock fusion music is emphasized more than variation in mood sound qualitiesrhythms2 Layers of sound one on top of another all moving forward in timetexture created by accompanying instruments3 Hum original tune while listening to improvisations guided by chord changesoriginal tune might turn up in improvisationhelp recognize chords in accompaniment more clearly4 Listen to every note in soloists improvisationChord Progressions and Tune Constructionimprovise means to composeperform at the same timejazz is guided by musicians maintaining a given tempo keyprogression of accompaniment chordsinvent melodies that are compatible with those chordsimprovised lines are rarely variations on original melodyprogression of accompaniment chords is the similarity between originalimprovised melodiesBlues Chorusmelody is presented in 12 bar blues played twiceblue chorus is one complete 12bar progression of chordssoloists improvise for several choruseswhen one soloist finishes improvisation another takes over
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