VPMB94 Chapter 5 Review

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Music and Culture
Alan Stanbridge

Chapter 5 Early Jazz Combo Jazz Prior to the Middle 1930sliberties with tunesaccompanimentembellishment was more important than tunesonly tunes spiritchord progressions remainearliest jazz had roots in ragtime bluesbrass band musicLater styles of jazz1 Performance was improvised2 Rhythmic feeling was loosermore relaxedanticipate jazz swing feeling3 Generated some of its own repertory of compositions4 Collective improvised5 Excitingcombo jazz began in New Orleanstrumpeter Louis Armstrongclarinetistsaxophonist Sidney Bechetcomposerarranger Jelly Roll MortonChicagopianist Earl Hinescornetist Bix Beiderbeckehome of the The Austin High Gang known as DixielandThe Chicago Sceneplace where New Orleans musicians were first recordedearliest form of jazz was characterized by collective improvisation with all group members playing at the same timechoruses complement other players phrasesactivity of several horn lines sounding at the same time without clashingtrumpet played melodyclarinet played busy figures with many notesdecorate melody played by trumpet known as obbligatodesignate musical figure that sounds in the backgroundtrombone outlines chord notesfills in lowpitched harmony notesThe Original Dixieland Jazz BandNew Orleans jazz was first recorded in ChicagoNew York not New OrleansOriginal Dixieland Jazz Band ODJB made the first recordingband of white New Orleans musiciansinclude cornet clarinet trombone pianodrumleader was cornetist Nick LaRoccaplayed Dixie Jazz Band OneStepLivery Stable BluesDixie Jazz Band OneStep was the first jazz record issuedOlivers Creole Jazz Band
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