VPMB94 Chapter 6

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Music and Culture
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Alan Stanbridge

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VPMB94 Chapter 6 Swing The Early 1930s to the late 1940sswing emerged during the 1930searly 1940sadopted swing eighthnote patternslooser less stiff rhythmic feelingplayed by bands of ten or more musiciansknown as big band earswing style jazz attached dancers due to its rhythmic propertiesComparing Early Jazz with Swing Era JazzCharacteristic Swing Jazz1 Instrumentation was big band instead of combogreater use of written arrangement due to large size of band2 Saxophone was more common in swing3 Bass viol string bass4 Highhat5 Collective improvisation was rare6 Rhythmic feeling was smoother7 Higher level of instrumental proficiency in speed agility tone controlplaying in tuneBig Band Instrumentationmade up of ten or more musiciansinstruments were grouped into 3 sections rhythm brasssaxophonerhythm section piano guitar bass viol drumbass section trumpettrombone saxophone section alto tenor baritone saxophone2 altos 2 tenors baritone3 trumpets was the standard2 to 3 trombones is the standard can be up to 5lead musician sat in the middle of the sectionBig Band Arrangementsincreased use of written arrangements due to growth of big bandsmelody was played by entire band in unisonimprovisation is then accompanied by rhythm sectioncall and response responsorial styleriffs short simple phrases assigned to each section and played against each otherantiphonal activity helped swing the bandThe Rhythm Sectionpiano guitar bass viol drumrhythm guitar style strumming a chord on each beatused in Count Basies bandpianist sometimes played melody instead of chordembellishmentcomping was not common in swingstride style was used instead
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