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morality summary

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Ronniede Sousa

morality without god Arthur 1192012 30300 PM Intro y Morality lies upon religious belief three ways mistakeno Religious motivation expect people to do the right thing o Religion provide guidance to ppl to search the correct actiono Religion decides commandswhats right or wrongy Study the relationshipconnection between M and R Defin of morality and Ry Morality o principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior o Without moral codemorality what would society beMembers never feel moral responsity or any guiltwords associated with moralitywill be less frequently used unless in legal senseduty rights fairness and justiceppl less likelyintend to evaluate or criticizeAssessthe others actions behaviours or feel remorseregrets and guilt about their wrong commitedo moral code to evaluate the other ppls behavior and feel remorse at their wrong actionsy religion o in a society without morality you can still have religionreligious beliefs o praying to God for help or gratefulness for their wealth Attribute their good or bad fortune with Gods tempero DefinBelief in supernatural powerstranscendental certitude controlling and creating nature Tendencyprospensity inclination to worship and pray to such force or beingyComparey M attitude towards behavioro Expressed in rules righs and obligationsy R activity is prayer and worshipbased on a belief about supernaturalparanormal
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