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Physics and Astrophysics
Brian Wilson

Chapter 30 Potential and FieldConnecting Potential and FieldThe electric potential and electric field are not two distinct entities but instead two different perspectives or two different mathematical representations of how source charges alter the space around themDVVVEds where s is the position along a line from point i to point ffiVVarea under the Eversuss curve between s and sfisifFinding the potential from the electric fieldoDraw a picture and identify the point at which you wish to find the potential Call this position ioChoose the zero point of the potential often at infinity Call this point foEstablish a coordinate axis from i to f along which you already know or can easily determine the electric field component EsoCarry out the integration to find the potentialSources of Electric PotentialWe can create a potential difference by creating a charge separationVan de Graaff Generator a mechanical charge separatorBattery most common source of electric potential and it consists of electrolytes sandwiched between two electrodes made of different metalsIdeal Battery there are no internal energy losses the charge gains electric potential energy DUWchemEmf of the Battery e Wq the work done per charge in voltschemDV Wqe for an ideal b
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