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Political Science

BIRT if countries such as Sudan Zimbabwe and Burma will not end their manmade humanitarian crises the international community shouldPro EvansFarrowCon BoltonHillierUN Resp to Protect R2P doctrine if state cant protect its own ppl intl community will force if necessaryPro Evansmilitary force is not only optionstates that cant stop internal genocides cant stop terrorism weapons other crimesstake for everyoneobligation as human beingsPro FarrowGenocide Conventioncountries have already agreed to act in case of mass atrocitymorallegal obligation to protect civilians from atrocitiespreventive measures cost less more effectiveRebuttalno political will but certainly theres military capacityUN clauseR2P is clear wider intl community resp to protect if state cant protect own pplsuccess w nonmilitary intervention ex Africamoral interestpublic sentimentdecline ofof mass atrocities through work of UN most didnt involve military forcetroops protect civilians ppl humanitarian workersdont restrict to loss of Amer lifelarger human raceCon BoltonR2PUN peacekeeping w consent of parties limited interventionwho makes decisions UN has failed what cases justify intervention didnt take on Russia or Chinaany intervention considered on own meritscostsCon Hilliereasy to say do something but resp goes to soldiersdiplomatic legal financial sanctions dont workincapable of developing intl strategyUNNATO dont workno consensus no capacity to build govtimprove stateno collective will for long operationthus not morally justified to send in soldiers who may lose life wo supporthave no effect in saving lives
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